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We believe coaches have an important and powerful role in influencing and shaping young people, to not only develop a lifelong love of sport, but in becoming happier, healthier people.


What started in 2016 as a small coaching education conference with 40 participants has now grown into a movement to improve coaching and provide a better experience for kids in sport.

Established in 2018, The INSIDE GAME Coaching Network is a not for profit association that brings together a community of coaches, sport innovators, performance and medical experts, athletes and parents to learn, share, and inspire. By educating those that influence young people, we hope to put the FUN back in sport, increase enjoyment and participation, so we can develop not only happier, healthier and stronger athletes, but better people for the future!

70% of kids drop out of sport at adolescence, usually because it is no longer enjoyable for them, and/or due to a bad experience (poor coach relationship, too much pressure, injury, overtraining, burnout, and more).

Through education, communication and action, we aim to improve the quality of sport coaching and sport leadership, with the goal, to increase enjoyment, participation and retention in sport, and ultimately, to positively influence the next generation of young people, through sport.


Our vision is to change the mindset of sport coaching throughout Switzerland and Europe towards a more positive and mindful attitude, for the benefit of young athletes. We want to not only develop mentally and physically strong athletes, we want to develop strong people and future leaders. We want to change lives.


  • To be leaders in the areas of coaching/athletic education, by connecting the top minds and visionaries in sport performance and coaching science from around the world.
  • To share information with coaches, parents, trainers and educators, and give them the tools to be better coaches, role models, and leaders for our youth athletes.
  • To ensure our young athletes have coaches that they respect, admire and look up to and that will help them be the best athlete and person they can be.
  • To develop well-rounded, confident people with high self-esteem who will one day become leaders themselves.
  • To increase participation and retention in sport and ultimately, to ensure that sport is an enjoyable, lifelong experience!  


A coach is often the greatest mentor for a young person.  He or she will influence more kids in 1 year than most people will in a lifetime. And yet, of the over 8 million coaches of young athletes in Europe, most have minimal coaching education and little accountability for their actions.

Current Coaching Education Programs are not meeting the needs of kids:

  • While current coaching education platforms provide excellent technical expertise, they do not provide enough education on the non-technical aspects of how to coach, mentor and develop young people. Coaching scientists now know that kids that have a good relationship, a strong connection and high respect for their coach will respond better and ultimately perform better.
  • Too many coaches still coach in the old paradigm of coaching that relies on aggressive behaviour, punishment, early selection, specialisation and overtraining;
  • Most sports programs focus too heavily and too young on developing elite athletes (the top 5-10%), versus developing more athletes who love sport, who may develop later in life, and will become better people because of their participation in sport;

Participation in sport is the best way to keep kids active and healthy for life.  Participation in sport is also linked to better results in school, higher confidence, an increased likelihood to succeed in life, and a decrease in drug and alcohol abuse.

The best way to keep encourage kids to participate in sport and stay active, is to ensure that mentors, leaders, teachers and coaches are educated and providing up to date sport programs that meet the needs of kids today. 


The Inside Game Coaching Network provides up to date information, research and expertise on best coaching practices, sport development, well-being and the pedagogy of coaching to coaches, trainers, sport directors and parents of youth athletes.

Through education we can empower coaches to:

  • Positively develop young athletes;
  • Have the confidence to implement new coaching programs;
  • To lead and be a mentor for young athletes;
  • Be the best they can be!

We achieve this through three main platforms:

  • Annual Conference and Mini-Forums:

Now going into our fourth year of a coaching conference, we bring together some of the world’s most renown researchers, coaches and experts in coaching science to teach, share information and inspire coaches at our annual coach education & leadership conference.

2019 Date:  May 10-11, 2019 // Geneva


  • IG Talks and Workshops – NEW!

On a regular basis we plan to organise a series of mini-forums & round-tables on a specific topic with 2-3 experts. We may also work with sports clubs to organise on-site workshops.


  • Newsletter and Blogs:

With our team of experts, we hope to provide topical, up to date information, blogs, interview and webinars that are relevant to coaches of youth athletes and that will help them develop as coaches so they can develop young people!

Our main goal is to put the FUN sport back in sport and ensure that more kids participate in sport, enjoy the experience and stay in sport for life.

When we impact even one coach – we have a positive impact on MORE than 10-50 kids!

Strategic Partners & Collaborators

The IGCN is supported by a diverse group of European and worldwide leaders in youth sport coaching, who provide expertise, leadership, speakers and educational resources.   Through these groups we are also able to communicate to a wider audience.

Below are our main strategic partners and collaborators:

icoachkids.org: a European platform developed by the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and Leeds Becket University that provides coaching resources, an online coaching educational platform and host educational conferences for youth coaches throughout Europe. It is funded by Erasmus+.

Education 4 Peace and Sport Attitude:  A Swiss based educational platform developed to teach kids and coaches emotional awareness and attitude management in sport.

Movementwise.org:  Founded by Tania Cotton, a Swiss Olympic certified physiotherapist who has now created a platform to show people how they can develop the physical competencies, mental confidence and emotional resilience to not only to excel within sport but also in life.

Changing the Game Project: A USA based organisation that provides educational resources to coaches throughout the USA and worldwide.

Working with Parents in Sport:  A UK based organisation that provides educational resources to families and parents who have kids in sport.

DUNK: Developing Unity Nurturing Knowledge: An organisation in Ghana, that uses sport as tool and safe haven for at risk youth and young women.

  • We are developing an outreach mentoring program to help them develop coaches, and create bonds with local athletes in Switzerland.