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Le sport m’a sauvée !

Anne-Sophie Thilo et Laurence Chappuis « Le sport m’a sauvée », c’est le constat d’Anne-Sophie Thilo navigatrice de l’équipe suisse pendant de nombreuses années et participante aux Jeux Olympiques de Pékin 2008. Sauvée ? Mais de quoi… Sauvée de l’ennui, de la routine, de ce manque de défi du quotidien et du manque de stimulation de la vie de tous les jours. La navigatrice vaudoise savait depuis bien longtemps qu’elle ne rentrait guère « dans le moule ». Ignorant cependant tout de son HPI (haut potentiel intellectuel) jusqu’à l’âge de 30 ans, elle a su se frayer un chemin qui l’a menée au sport de haut niveau et dans une double carrière à 200km/h. Olympienne [...]

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Getting to Know James Leath

Flying in all the way from Texas, USA, we are thrilled to announce James Leath will join our line-up of international speakers at the Coaching Mastery Journey.  Last year I participated in a conference where James was one of the workshop leaders, and I knew that he would be a great asset at the conference.  In addition to leading highly interactive game-based workshops, James will lead a talk on “Intentional Influence”.  Born and raised in California, James worked for several years in Florida with the IMG Academy as a leadership coach for elite athletes. He recently started his own business, “Unleash the Athlete”, a mental resilience and leadership development company for Athletes, Coaches, and Top Performers who want to be the best in their field.  We [...]

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The Dreaded Playing Time Conversation

Guest Blog, by Ruth Nicholson. First posted on Working with Parents in Sport One of the most dreaded conversations between players, coaches, and parents involves playing time. Nobody likes it.  In my workshops on conflict resolution for coaches and directors of coaching, I ask them to identify the most common types of difficult conversations and conflict they encounter. The number one answer is the conversation about playing time.   Player and Parent Preparation  A playing time conversation should be between a player and a coach. A parent’s role should be helping a player frame his/her concerns and preparing for the conversation. If additional conversations are needed, parents may be a part of [...]

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Getting to Know Gordon Maclelland

We are so pleased to announce that Gordon MacLelland of the UK, Founder and CEO of Working with Parents in Sport, will join our line-up of world class speakers at the conference “The Coaching Master Journey” in May.  Gordon will lead a workshop we are offering specifically for parents, called Great Sports Parenting, and another workshop for coaches to help coaches navigate and master parent relationships. We caught up with Gordon last week to learn more about Working with Parents in Sport and his upcoming visit to Geneva. IG:  Tell us a little bit about your coaching background. GM: As a child my sport was Rugby. I played to quite [...]

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Getting to Know: Amy Carroll

We are delighted to add author, communication coach and acclaimed speaker, Amy Carroll to our team of world class speakers at the Coaching Mastery Journey, May 10-11.  Amy adds a unique and fresh perspective to the conference as she comes from outside the sport world.  Amy will apply her years of experience coaching high-ranking business executives, nonprofit leaders, MBA students, to sport coaching. As a Professional Certified Coach and Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Amy coaches clients to become more dynamic, honest and effective communicators, developing their ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships. She does this with the help of the improvisational theatre philosophy, “Make [...]

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Getting to know Wade Gilbert – Keynote speaker at The Coaching Mastery Journey

Guess who’s coming to Geneva next spring? No – not Santa Claus! Even better, its Wade Gilbert – world renown speaker, professor, coach developer, and author of the new “bible” for coaches: Coaching Better Every Season! We are thrilled that Wade will be one of our key note speakers at the Inside Game’s conference: The Coaching Mastery Journey, May 10-11, 2019.  We are confident that participating in Wade’s presentation and workshop may be the best gift you can give yourself and your athletes! The Inside Game recently caught up with Wade by skype to get to know him and learn a little about what we can expect from his presentation [...]

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