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Player Contracts: To Sign or Not

So your son or daughter has made it to the big leagues.  At 15 or 16 (and sometimes even younger!), your sport team or club has put a contract in front of you to sign.  This is great news!  Only the best players get contracts, so this must be an awesome opportunity! Or is it? While contracts will vary from sport to sport and from club to club, in the sport of ice hockey in Switzerland this will generally mean a five-year contract with promises that your son or daughter will be developed, may even get free equipment (or an equipment voucher) and some may even get paid. In return, [...]

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The Power of Praise

Praise is a fantastic motivator, in all aspects of life, and most definitely in sport and business. I recently experienced this with my job. I had completed a rather long and tedious task for a client, and I was feeling only mildly confident about the quality of the work, but reluctantly sent it off to the client. A few hours later, I received a very positive response and strong praise from the client, coupled with some suggestions to make it even better. Needless to say, I was delighted. My document wasn’t perfect. There was a key point missing and some errors. But the client opened with praise, and then told [...]

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The Ten Should’s Of A Coach

A coach should create and foster a positive environment. A coach should be focused on bringing out the best in someone else. A coach should believe in the student even when the student doesn’t believe in him or herself. A coach should be open and honest in communication. A coach should find opportunities for the student when they think there are none. A coach should bring out things in another they did not realize was possible. A coach should continually challenge the student slightly beyond his or her reach. A coach should spend more time focused on small successes than tiny mistakes. A coach should set expectations for both the [...]

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