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Getting to Know Dr Richard Bailey

We are pleased to announce that Dr Richard Bailey, head of research at the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) in Berlin, will be among our key note speakers at the next the IG conference in May: The Coaching Mastery Journey, May 10-11, 2019 in Geneva. We are truly honoured to have him aboard to share his wisdom, insight and lively sense of humour!  Richard is one of those people who I have only “met” via a few emails and telephone calls, yet I feel he has been a friend for a long-time.  Below, I share some insider information about Dr. Bailey, his passions, his definition of [...]

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5 astuces pour perfectionner son coaching

La différence entre un entraîneur moyen et un grand entraîneur est le désir d’améliorer constamment ses capacités. Le sport est riche en stratégies et en techniques, et les manières de renforcer notre compréhension sont sans fin. Les entraîneurs ont eux aussi d’innombrables moyens de progresser dans leur façon d’enseigner le jeu à leurs joueurs. Nous les avons compilés dans une liste concise pour aider tout entraîneur désireux de s’améliorer. […]

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Why You Should Keep Your Kids in Sport

Let’s Make Sport Fun Again! Long-term participation in sport has incredible benefits to kids. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it teaches kids teamwork, discipline, focus, leadership and social skills and helps build character & self-confidence.  It’s great for teaching how to manage stress and emotions. And research shows that Kids who participate in sport do better in school and ultimately are more successful in adult life.  Sport is a great “ecole de vie”. And yet – 70% of kids drop out of organised sport by the time they hit puberty.  The statistics for girls is even worse. Why is this happening? There are a variety of reasons, yet overwhelmingly, [...]

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How Much Protein Should Athletes Be Having

Dan Garner, Hockey One of the most popular topics in sports science nutrition is without a doubt, protein intake. Athletes from all walks of life understand the importance of protein in the diet, but in most cases, they don’t know exactly why protein is important and how exactly they should be consuming it on a day-to-day basis. In most cases, this is how the conversation goes: Hockey player: “Yes absolutely Coach Garner, I make sure to take in a scoop of protein after every single training session” Me: “Ok that’s great, how many grams of protein are you having in the entire day?” Hockey player: *blank stare* The [...]

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Player Contracts: To Sign or Not

So your son or daughter has made it to the big leagues.  At 15 or 16 (and sometimes even younger!), your sport team or club has put a contract in front of you to sign.  This is great news!  Only the best players get contracts, so this must be an awesome opportunity! Or is it? While contracts will vary from sport to sport and from club to club, in the sport of ice hockey in Switzerland this will generally mean a five-year contract with promises that your son or daughter will be developed, may even get free equipment (or an equipment voucher) and some may even get paid. In return, [...]

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The Power of Praise

Praise is a fantastic motivator, in all aspects of life, and most definitely in sport and business. I recently experienced this with my job. I had completed a rather long and tedious task for a client, and I was feeling only mildly confident about the quality of the work, but reluctantly sent it off to the client. A few hours later, I received a very positive response and strong praise from the client, coupled with some suggestions to make it even better. Needless to say, I was delighted. My document wasn’t perfect. There was a key point missing and some errors. But the client opened with praise, and then told [...]

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