Getting to know Wade Gilbert – Keynote speaker at The Coaching Mastery Journey

//Getting to know Wade Gilbert – Keynote speaker at The Coaching Mastery Journey

Getting to know Wade Gilbert – Keynote speaker at The Coaching Mastery Journey

Guess who’s coming to Geneva next spring?

No – not Santa Claus! Even better, its Wade Gilbert – world renown speaker, professor, coach developer, and author of the new “bible” for coaches: Coaching Better Every Season!

We are thrilled that Wade will be one of our key note speakers at the Inside Game’s conference: The Coaching Mastery Journey, May 10-11, 2019.  We are confident that participating in Wade’s presentation and workshop may be the best gift you can give yourself and your athletes!

The Inside Game recently caught up with Wade by skype to get to know him and learn a little about what we can expect from his presentation in May.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Wade is a self-proclaimed family man, who puts his kids and wife ahead of all other priorities. In fact, it was in following his wife’s career to California State University, Fresno that he himself ended up in Fresno as a professor and coach at the University.

When Wade isn’t coaching, teaching coaches, researching coaching, writing papers and books about coaching, or coaching his kids’ teams, he travels all around the world consulting with coaches, sport directors and sports clubs, as well as speaking at international coaching conferences. In 2018 alone, he conducted over 60 workshops across 5 countries included extended tours in Australia and Ireland, and has consulted with coaches in virtually every sport!  He most recently spent a week in Ireland meeting with Irish Rugby and visiting all the major Irish Rugby pro teams, coach developers and sharing coaching insights with community sport clubs and associations.  He was honoured to have spent some time with Joe Smith, the head coach of the # 2 ranked national team just before they went on to beat the NZ All-Blacks!

As much as Wade likes to share his knowledge with other coaches, he is a dedicated lifelong learner himself: “one of the best things about traveling to other countries, is that I also get to learn and gain insight from some of the world’s best coaches in all different sports.” He encourages all coaches to constantly seek new knowledge, to develop and become better.


Nationality: Canada/USA
Home town:

Current residence:

Ottawa, Ontario

Fresno, California

Favourite sport to play: Ice hockey
Favourite sport to watch: The Olympics – all sports!
Favourite athlete(s): A tie: both his son & daughter
Favourite team

Favourite all-time coach:

Fresno State

John Wooden

Favourite book of 2018: The Power of Moments
Favourite moment of 2018: Working with a first year college coach who lead his team to a record-breaking season
Favourite quote: “It’s what you learn after you know it all” (John Wooden)


IG: Wade, you are in very high demand.  What do you offer to a coach and why should a coach attend your session?

Wade: A unique perspective!

I travel and meet and learn from some of the world’s greatest coaches in a variety of different sports, so I can share a unique perspective that a coach focused on one sport may not have. I also spend a considerable amount of time reading and reviewing the most up to date research and science of coaching, a luxury that most coaches don’t have time for.  I am constantly learning from others – and so I can share different and unique perspectives on coaching.

IG:  How do you define Coaching Mastery:

Wade: Taking initiative to get Better.   If you are really living mastery as a coach – you don’t wait for someone to mandate you learn, read or attend courses. You have to have an open mindset and intrinsic motivation to decide to be a better coach.

IG: What are the key characteristics a coach needs on the journey to achieving Mastery?


  • Openness – to new ideas and new possibilities
  • Good Listening skills
  • Creativity
  • Staying innovative and fresh as a coach.

IG: What are you most looking forward to when you come to Switzerland?

Wade: Meeting new coaches and learning from all the speakers and participants.  And an authentic Swiss fondue!


We highly encourage you to Register for the Inside Game Coaching Network Conference: The Coaching Mastery Journey, where you will have a chance to meet, listen to and participate in workshops with Dr Wade Gilbert, among other internationally acclaimed experts in coach development.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Wade have a look at these links:

Twitter: @WadeWgilbert




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