Getting to Know: Amy Carroll

//Getting to Know: Amy Carroll

Getting to Know: Amy Carroll

We are delighted to add author, communication coach and acclaimed speaker, Amy Carroll to our team of world class speakers at the Coaching Mastery Journey, May 10-11.  Amy adds a unique and fresh perspective to the conference as she comes from outside the sport world.  Amy will apply her years of experience coaching high-ranking business executives, nonprofit leaders, MBA students, to sport coaching.

As a Professional Certified Coach and Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Amy coaches clients to become more dynamic, honest and effective communicators, developing their ability to influence others by creating powerful partnerships. She does this with the help of the improvisational theatre philosophy, “Make your partner look good!  ” Being one of the youngest of seven children taught her a lot about communicating for impact!

We are convinced that her unique and fun approach will be a huge benefit to sport coaches in developing their leadership and communication skills to better interact with athletes, parents and other stakeholders.

I had a fun chat with Amy. This is what I learned about her.  

IG:  Amy you grew up just outside New York City, but you have been in Switzerland for the past 23 years. How did you end up in here?

Amy:  My attraction to new places and different cultures was highly influenced by both my parents. My father had a job as the Executive Director of YPO and traveled around the globe. My mother was an inner city school teacher and often brought me to her school.

Moving to the Midwest, at the age of 15 was such a great experience that I just assumed moving anywhere would always be a positive experience. Luckily that turned out to be true.  Years later, I decided I wanted to live long term in a French speaking country and Switzerland became my new home!

IG: How did you get into coaching and communication consulting?

Amy: I had worked at a variety of different jobs in psychiatric, managed care and educational facilities, though I hadn’t yet found my dream job. I only knew it had to be something I was really passionate about and where I could apply my strengths and experience.  “Coaching”, as in life and career coaching, was new at the time. As soon as I learned about it I knew it was what I really wanted to do.  So, I went back to school on a scholarship and from there started my own business.

IG: What do you love about coaching?

Amy: Working with motivated people, who are ready and eager to learn and become even better versions of themselves.

IG: What kind of coaching do you do?

Amy: I call it behavourial coaching.  I focus on interpersonal communication, power / status and teaching people how to find your ideal balance –  ie – how to communicate respect yourself and others in high pressure situations, to avoid damaging relationships or results.

IG: you are also an improvisational comedian.  How will you apply this to your presentation and workshop?

Amy: Through “improv” I make the sessions fun, playful and more interesting for participants. I show participants how they can effectively manage themselves under pressure.

IG: So how do you think you can help sport coaches?

Amy:  I’m excited about the opportunity and I suspect what I do is actually similar to some of the things sport coaches do. I have a very directive, no nonsense style.  My workshops are very interactive. I will be putting coaches into scenarios and difficult situations, creating stress and discomfort.  Through this role playing, coaches learn how to manage difficult situations, be it with an athlete, a parent, another coach or a referee etc.

IG: Why should coaches attend your sessions?

Amy: The concepts I teach will help coaches get more of what they want, and with less difficulty and challenges!

IG: What do you want from participants?

Amy: To be present, enthusiastic and open minded!

Speed questions:

  • Favourite Swiss town: Lugano
  • Favourite Swiss food: Papet Vaudois
  • What book most influence or inspired you in life and why? Playing The Enemy by Nelson Mandela. Because he demonstrates the power of what a person can do when they manage their attitude and choose their behaviors. 
  • Must read book you would recommend for coaches? Same
  • Favourite quote?   Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. (author unknown)
  • Favourite sport/activity/hobby? doing improv and laughing, ski skating, dancing  
  • Hobby when not working? performing improv 
  • Person you would most like to meet in life? George Clooney, not just for the obvious reasons. I want to ask him how he has managed to stay so seemingly kind and respectful towards others even though he has so much prestige, power, money, fame.

Don’t miss Amy Carroll’s talk and workshop! Register for the Inside Game Coaching Network Conference and start your Journey to Coaching Mastery!  May 10-11, 2019.  Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information about Amy – please consult her website:

Or follow her on Twitter: @AmyCarroll63

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