Getting to Know Gordon Maclelland

//Getting to Know Gordon Maclelland

Getting to Know Gordon Maclelland

We are so pleased to announce that Gordon MacLelland of the UK, Founder and CEO of Working with Parents in Sport, will join our line-up of world class speakers at the conference “The Coaching Master Journey” in May.  Gordon will lead a workshop we are offering specifically for parents, called Great Sports Parenting, and another workshop for coaches to help coaches navigate and master parent relationships.

We caught up with Gordon last week to learn more about Working with Parents in Sport and his upcoming visit to Geneva.

IG:  Tell us a little bit about your coaching background.

GM: As a child my sport was Rugby. I played to quite a high level, and I was a U19 trialist and played national league Rugby, before I turned my attention to coaching, becoming the youngest level 3 Rugby coach at age 24.  Over the years I coached every level and age group from age 3 to Men’s rugby.

IG:  So clearly you are a big fan of Rugby?

GM: Actually no.  I think playing at that level turned me off Rugby, and now I really don’t enjoy the sport at all. My real passion is Football (soccer).

IG: What motivated you to start Working with Parent’s in Sport?

GM:  Well when my son was just 3 years old, I was approached by a scout who told me my son had a real natural talent, and we needed to start planning for his future!  This seemed crazy to me and it was all new.  So I researched to see where I can get some practical information and I realised that there really wasn’t anything to help parents.   Even the clubs didn’t have any useful or helpful information for parents.  So two years ago, I decided to create Working With Parents in Sport with the goal to provide resources for parents so that they could get the answers and help they needed.  Through our website, blogs and newsletters, conferences and partnerships, we have created one of the most comprehensive resources for parents with children in sport.  We have also written two books: “Great Sports Parenting” and “Engage”, A coaches guide to building positive relationships with parents.

IG: Your son was scouted at 3 years old? That seems crazy.  Do you really think that you can identify talent that young?

GM:  Absolutely not.  I don’t think you can really get perspective on a future talent or success until after puberty.  That’s why it is so important for parents to really be aware, informed and importantly, stay grounded to they can support their kids in a positive way. There is so much mis-information and as parents we can get caught up on seeing a future in professional sport for our child that they may or may not want.  We need to be sure that the sport experience is positive, and that whether our child becomes a pro or not, that their experience in sport helped them to develop as a human being.

IG: What are you looking forward to at the Coaching Mastery Journey?

GM: I am really in awe of the other speakers on the panel. I am so inspired to be a part of that group and to have the opportunity to learn from them.

I am also looking forward to exploring Geneva and checking out the city and eating Swiss chocolate!

IG: When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind?

GM:  Tidiness and timeliness.

Speed Questions:

Favourite sport to play Golf
Favourite sport to watch:  Football
Favourite book:   The Culture Code by Dan Coyle
Beartown, by Fredrik Bachman
Favourite Quote: “Success comes before work in the dictionary”

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