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Cindy Burwell
Cindy BurwellFounder and Managing Director
An entrepreneur, a former equestrian athlete and mother of 3 elite athletes, Cindy is passionate about the importance of sport in life and the need for great coaches to not only develop great athletes, but create amazing people! She want to help each coach be better at what they already do –and to increase enjoyment and fun in sport so each kid can develop to his/her full potential in sport and life!
Laura Ostendorf
Laura OstendorfFounder, TIQ2Sports
Mark Milton
Mark MiltonFounder Education for Piece and Sport Attitude
Serving the development of E4P Foundation is my main activity, it fullfils my everyday life, my heart and my mind. Spending time with people I love and being in relation with nature are my delight. The balance and harmony between the two are part of my challenges.
Creating E4P in 2002 was for me the inspiration of a more harmonious world, with more individual and collective peace. Managing the foundation since 2008 invites me to live its values every day, consistently, accepting to stumble from time to time, to continue to grow every day.
Because I have no doubt that the seeds to sustainable peace amongst human beings are in our children’s education, and that to achieve this goal, it is essential to have actors such as E4P who serve by catalysing and unifying.

E4P and Inside Game Coaching Network have shared values and a common goal and I am proud to be a part of this network of leaders in coaching.

Tania Cotton
Tania CottonFounder. Movementwise & Consultant, RTS
Over the past 25 years, Tania has worked as movement analyst, physiotherapist and health educator working with individuals and athletes in hospital, community, occupational and sports settings around the world.

Tania has spent the past 10 years working at the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland and has had the opportunity and privilege of working alongside some of the world’s experts in movement, nutrition, athletic development and behavioural change.

For the past 2 years, she has teamed up with EMMY Award winning cinematographer, Keith Partridge, to film true stories that enable us to learn from the experience and expertise of our patients and athletes, and a diverse range of experts in health and human performance.

Yassine Yousfi
Yassine YousfiHead of Coach Education, International Olympic Committee
Yassine is currently working for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), where he holds the position of Head of Coach Unit in the Department : Olympic Solidarity (OS), which is responsible for supporting the 205 National Olympic Committes (NOC) recognised by the IOC.

Starting at the IOC in 1998, he has been responsible for the OS programmes for coaches worldwide, e.g. technical courses for coaches managed in close collaboration with the International Federations, individual scholarships for coaches in various Universities and high level training centres, mid to long term projects of so called “Development of national sport system”.

He also managed programmes at continental level offered by OS in Africa and Europe, since January 2001 and in Oceania, Asia and America, from 1998 to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Prior to working for the IOC Yassine worked as a physical education teacher and physical conditioning coach, especially in national league in ice hockey and in tennis. Yassine holds several Diplomas and Degrees in the areas of Sport and Physical Education, Psychology and Educational Sciences from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He also did an Executive Master in Sports Management (MEMOS) and has been involved in several Summer and Winter Olympic Games.